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Plant-based Vegan ice cream for the broken-hearted.

One day, we had our hearts broken (again), and was looking to eat our souls full with ice cream. However, Mabel would die from lactose-intolerant and intestinal torture before her emotional wounds could heal.

So Yong Wei and Mabel got together (not romantically), bought an ice cream machine, and started churning out vegan ice creams that tastes so damn good we make you forget your ex, your first crush, and even your imaginary celebrity spouses’ names.

Because we are both lactose-intolerant, that’s why we created vegan ice cream instead of traditional ones that’s based on milk and eggs.

They are based on Coconut milk, Soy and Oat Milk, and yes they passed our taste buds. :)

We can be contacted through email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery: $10 for all orders below $60,  free for orders $60 and above.

We only use GrabExpress at the moment for all deliveries, it’s a little pricy, but it minimizes exposure to the torturous hot climate of Singapore.

We wouldn’t want you to have melted ice cream.

Pick-up option is available for free upon checkout, we will deep freeze your order in our freezers 1-2 days before collection.


421 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1163, Singapore 560421

Operating Daily: 3pm to 2am

Both Yong Wei and Mei are attained in Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures.

All ice cream are made in sanitary conditions and equipment/tools are washed before and after use.

We also use a separate freezer set at -22 Degree Celcius for safe ice cream storage immediately after churning our mixes.

Nobody wants food poisoning, or finding a hair in our ice cream, of course we want our products to be safe for consumption.

We are millennials, we hate phone calls.

Connect with us via text through the following:

  1. Facebook Messenger (
  2. Instagram @heartbreakmelts
  3. Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

2 Months upon date of production.

You must keep it frozen at all times, melting and refreezing would cause bacteria growth in any frozen foods.

As we do not put additional preservatives, it is not advisable to consume beyond a storage of 2 months period for food safety reasons.

Also why the heck would you buy and keep delicious ice cream for 2 months? Just eat it already.

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