Currently both of us Yong Wei and Mei are operating in our HDB homes as a home-based small scale business, hence there is no licensing required at the moment.

In the future where the demand for our vegan ice creams increases to a point where it causes inconvenience to our environment, we will then move into a retail space.

All ingredients sourced are strictly from Halal-certified suppliers and our equipment/tools used are newly bought and sanitised during every run.

However, officially we are not halal according to MUIS guidelines.

So for our muslim friends and acquaintances, it’s up to your own discretion.

Obviously vegan ice cream has no pork and no lard, and we do want our Muslim friends to be able to enjoy it too. :)

Both Yong Wei and Mei are attained in Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures.

All ice cream are made in sanitary conditions and equipment/tools are washed before and after use.

We also use a separate freezer set at -22 Degree Celcius for safe ice cream storage immediately after churning our mixes.

Nobody wants food poisoning, or finding a hair in our ice cream, of course we want our products to be safe for consumption.

We are millennials, we hate phone calls.

Connect with us via text through the following:

  1. Facebook Messenger (
  2. Instagram @heartbreakmelts
  3. Email: [email protected]