Plant-Based Freshly Made-to-order Ice Creams for your ice cream cafe, events and parties.

Lead-time required: 3-5 days upon full payment.

Free-delivery included for bulk orders

To order: 

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

473ml Pints

Approximately 4.5 Scoops Serving

Quantity Price in SGD S$
10 $14.00
11 to 49 $12.50
50 to 99 $11.00
100 onwards $9.00

3.5oz Single Cups

Approximately 100ml

Quantity Price in SGD S$
20 to 49 $3.50
50 to 99 $3.00
100 to 499 $2.80
500 onwards $2.50

5L Display Tub Supply

Approximately 50 Scoops yield per tub. S$85nett per tub, MOQ 10 tubs, free delivery.

Flavour list is non-exhaustive, all ingredients used are plant-based and vegan friendly.

5L Tub Vegan Flavour List

Milk Base
HBM Chocolate Oat Milk
HBM Resentment (90% Dark Cocoa) Oat Milk
Thai Coconut Soy Milk
Mango Oat Milk
Bandung Soy Soy Milk
Thai Soy Milk Tea Soy Milk
Salted Matcha Soy Soy Milk
Taro (Artificial) Oat Milk
Honeydew (Artificial) Soy Milk
Peppermint Oat Milk