Heartbreak Melts Ice Cream is proud to announce a new range of products: Ice Cream Pies & Ice Cream Cakes

Made in-house using 100% Plant-based products and allium-free.

As this is Heartbreak Melt’s first batch of ice cream pies and cakes, it is a whole new category of product and inventory for us to manage. We would like to take this opportunity to find out any difficulties and resolve any issues that might occur during delivery and resolve it for all future orders.

As a contingency, we will be making backup pies/cakes for immedaite dispatch and replacement should the initial delivery fails.

Promotional Details:

All Pies are for sale with free delivery at a flat $30 rate, cakes at $44.

Good for up to 6 pax or 1 very greedy person.

Promotional period: Now till 30th September 2022.

Promo code for free delivery in September 2022:


Terms and conditions apply, delivery within Singapore and non-restricted places only (Army Camps, Secure-locations etc.)

To suggest new combinations/flavours etc, or generally any questions do drop us a DM through instagram @heartbreakmelts

To enjoy our pies and cakes in-store, do pre-order in advance as we may not stocks ready to serve sometimes.

Heartbreak Melts Ice Cream

421 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10


Singapore 560421

Weekdays: 3pm to 2am

Weekends: 12noon to 2am

Public Holidays open based on day

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